Well, I did not update this site for a while. Wrong. I updated continuously but did not make any news about it ;) I added many bands and festivals of the last months. And stones. I did several short and daily hiking tours to check my fitness and to train for a long distance hike next year and always ended up at sand and lava stones. So to say ;)

BruchhausenerSteine2018-04 28     Externsteine 02-2018 25     DoerentherKlippen6-2018 18

And I finally managed to take photos of a lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, I did not have perfect conditions. I was high on top of my work's building but at work. The moon became visible late due to smog and weather conditions. When it finally appeared it had already left the earth's core shadow. And I only had a 200mm lens. I wish I would have had a 150-600mm one... Next time ;)